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I ordered this on Monday from @seriouslylowcarb and it came today!! I’m so impressed!! This is sooooooo low in carbs at only 0.9 carbs per slice. Can’t wait to try it out 😋

Now that is what I call amazing service!! I ordered my @seriouslylowcarb loaf yesterday and it was delivered today!! I couldn't wait to dive in, so much so I didn't even toast it I just lathered it in butter and went straight in 😂 I can confirm that @seriouslylowcarb bread is an absolute winner 🙌 so so nice, fresh and tastes exactly as bread should! I'm converted 😊🍞

Well what can i say 😋. Got a loaf of bread from @seriouslylowcarb and i honestly couldnt tell it was low carb. Less than 6g carbs per 100g. Definitely going to do a bulk order for my freezer

I’ve been on keto a long while now and it was probably the best thing I’ve had even over brownies!

Low carb chocolate brownies


Our new Low Carb Chocolate Brownies are here!

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Learn all about vital wheat gluten and how to use it

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Low carb meatballs with cream sauce from the Diet Doctor

Italian chicken meatballs

We love these Italian chicken meatballs with cream sauce and broccoli from The Diet Doctor.
Low carb and tastes amazing!

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Low carb asian chicken salad

Asian chicken salad

One of Jo's favourites, this is a salad that doesn't feel like a salad. Chunky, vibrant and packed full of flavour, yet still perfect for your low carb lifestyle. 

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