• Palmini Angel Hair Pasta
  • Palmini Angel Hair Pasta
  • Palmini Angel Hair Pasta

Palmini Angel Hair Pasta

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Game Changer

Product Description

Keto-friendly Angel hair pasta – everyone is raving about this new pasta.

Keto Spaghetti never tasted so good. Made 100% from natural low carb ingredients, you’ll be amazed how good it tastes!!!

Ingredients & Allergens

Hearts of palm, water, salt, citric acid.

How to Use & Storage

Drain from the pouch, rinse, microwave for 4 mins or cook in a pan and then cover in a tasty sauce of your choice!

Nutritional Information
Per 100g Per 75g serving
20 kcal
Fat 0g
of which saturates 0g
Carbohydrate 4g
of which sugars 1g
Protein 1g
Fibre 2g
Salt 0.06g
for... good
  • 1 pouch provides 3 -4 servings as its so filling!
  • Really low in calories and net carbs.
  • So quick to use!

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Sarah McEnnerney-Stevens

Palmini Angel Hair Pasta

Linda Evans
Does the job!

This is not the texture of the real thing bu it’s a good substitute.
It looks quite like spaghetti but is not quite the same soft consistency or quite so filling. It feels a bit more like having a vegetable with the meal, which I think is great! Will use again.

Debbie Roberts

It’s ok better than some others ,you need to rinse lots and boil for 10mins min makes it softer like real pasta ,then rinse again,

Rhoda Treagust
I’ve only given a three star

My rating may not be fair on these as I’ve not had a chance to try them yet but let’s hope they really deserve a 5 star rating. I just hope they are not fishy smelling and tasting like a lot of these other plant based products sometimes even after thorough rinsing

Andrew Mcqueen

Palmini Low Carb Angel Hair Pasta - 338g Pouch