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Who We Are

Andy Welch

When I first started my Keto journey, I simply avoided the no-go foods such as bread, pasta and potatoes. But as the months wore on I got tired of eating salads twice a day. Worse still, my cravings for a sandwich kept growing.

Being 'one of those' Triathlete types my search for a solution turned into an obsession but all the answers I found were either not real food or they missed the mark on taste, nutrition or satisfaction. So my next option was to make my own.

I decided to embrace the Keto lifestyle to imporve my stamina and power, and I used the prototype 'home made' versions of these Keeto Life products to achieve what I set out to do. I completed the 5th toughest Ironman in 13.5 hours on an average of 8 hours training a week.

There was no way I could have kept going at such a consistent pace without Keto training.

I certainly wouldn't have lasted 11 months (and counting) eating Keto without living by the products that are now available at Keeto Life.

I continue to eat well. I continue to eat bread and pasta. I know I can now remain in Ketosis. I'm having my 'cake?' and eating it...

Founder Keeto Life

Jo Watkinson 

Type 2 Diabetes is in my family, and at the age of 32 I was told that I was pre-diabetic, which is pretty young. I had a very stressful job at the time and I lived off caffeine, sugar and carbs because it was the food that was quick and easy to grab. I knew I needed to make changes. 

This led me to a lower carb, higher protein way of eating, and to triathlon. Both of these helped my health and well being enormously, but I found it a real struggle to reduce my carb intake. I knew what I needed to do, but I really missed bread, pasta, and all those other carb heavy foods that I'd been so used to eating all of the time. 

Now I use our Seriously Low Carb products to maintain some balance. I can still have toast for breakfast and a sandwich for lunch, but because it's the low carb loaf I don't have to worry about my blood sugar levels. 

My aim is to be able to replace all of those carb-based foods that I love, with a Seriously Low Carb option that tastes just as good so that there are genuinely delicious alternatives for all those Type 2 Diabetics like my mum, and all those people who are working to avoid Type 2 Diabetes themselves, like me.

And I'm working on it...

Founder Keeto Life