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Living the Low Carb lifestyle

We live low carb 

Well... it kind of does what it says on the tin: we make Seriously Low Carb food. And we do mean Seriously low. Our product development teams work towards a goal of no more than 15g of carbs per 100g in all of our Seriously Low Carb products so if you buy something from our SLC range, you know you can trust it.

Our Seriously Low Carb products are all great tasting, wholesome and nutritious. We aim to match the taste and texture of the full carb version that you're used to so that you barely even notice the difference. And every product that we release has to pass a strict taste test with Andy and Jo (our co-founders). They take huge pride in creating amazing Low Carb products for you, so if it's not right they don't let it go out of the door.  

Seriously Low Carb is about helping endurance athletes, Type 2 Diabetics, Ketonians and others who are seeking a lower carb diet to easily find food that supports their eating habits while giving them choices and options that everyone can enjoy. 

Seriously Low Carb is part of the Keeto Life family