Product Innovation Award Winner

Thank you thank you thank you thank you 😊 , we Won the Product Innovation Award at the Restaurant & Takeaway expo in London 🙌

We are so grateful to Thrive Diabetes where on the 13th November 2019 (when Andy was still fit enough to wear his IronMan top 😊). They tried our loaf.

From our crazy highs to our painful lows, there’s always been one supportive constant, and that’s our customers. 💚 You absolute Low Carb Legend! Now with your enthusiasm helping us all navigate this incredible journey; the industry is at last catching up and seeing the real value of Low Carb food at every occasion.


We are all one step closer to seeing Low carb sandwiches and burgers in our local restaurants and takeaways!!!


Honestly, every day here (good or bad) is actually our best day ever because of you, our customers  💚🙏