Andy first started his Low Carb journey by avoiding foods such as bread, pasta and
potatoes. But as the months wore on he got tired of eating salads twice a day.
Worse still his cravings for a sandwich kept growing.

Being one of those Triathlete types, his search for a solution turned into an obsession but all the answers he found were either not real food or they missed the mark on taste, nutrition, or satisfaction. So, his next option was to make
it himself.

Andy decided to embrace the Keto lifestyle to improve his stamina and power, and he
used the prototype type Seriously Low Carb loaf to achieve what he set out to
do. He smashed the 5th toughest Ironman in 13.5 hours on an average of 8 hours
training a week. He couldn’t keep going at such a consistent pace without Keto

Andy continues to eat well and has bread and pasta. He knows how to remain in Ketosis. He's having his cake and eating it. 

Loafie runs the London marathon

To support a charity very close to our hearts Diabetes UK, Andy ran the marathon dressed as ‘Loafie’ to raise awareness of such an important cause.

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