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Endurance athletes

Do you love going long? If so, you're definitely an endurance athlete. Whether you swim, bike, run or do all three, if you're doing it over distance then your sport requires both physical endurance and mental resilience. And you're probably going to spend a lot of time training, especially if you're training for something like an Ironman.

We have a lot of endurance athletes and triathletes in our Seriously Low Carb community and we know how dedicated you are to your sport. We also know that your trainers are probably the most expensive shoes that you own, that you care about what you eat, but you need to eat quickly to fuel your recovery, that you go to bed and wake up early (often even earlier on a weekend!), and that your wash basket is constantly full of sweaty gym kit!

And we know all of this because we're endurance athletes too. We've stood on the start line of a race at stupid o'clock in the morning, we've been there, done that and got the race t-shirts to prove it.

Is Low Carb for me?

A low carb lifestyle or keto regime isn't for everyone, but those who have made the switch find that they experience weight loss, improved body composition, metabolic health benefits and increased mental clarity.

A low carb eating plan switches your body into a fat burning metabolic state called ketosis. This makes your body incredibly efficient at burning fat for energy, including turning fat into ketones, which can supply energy to the brain. This is appealing for athletes because we have a virtually unlimited reserve of fat calories to use, but we can only store 1600-2000 calories worth of carbohydrate in our muscles, blood and the liver. Runners "hit the wall" and cyclists call it "bonking", but it's the same thing - It's what happens when we run low on blood glucose and we just don't have the fuel to keep the muscles or the brain going any longer. If we're burning fat and fuelled by ketones rather than carbohydrate, then we're theoretically bonk-proof.

How can Seriously Low Carb help you?

We support our endurance athlete community with education, information, recipes and, most importantly, awesome low carb food designed to support you in all aspects of your training.

Endurance athletes need good quality, nutritious food, but we know that all that training takes up a lot of time, so having food that is quick and easy is also important. That's why we make Seriously Low Carb Food - it's quick and easy, nutritious and packed full of things that are good for you, and it also fits your low carb lifestyle. We make it really easy for you to eat your favourite foods while maintaining your eating and nutrition plans. 

As well as helping with your eating plans, Jo is a British Triathlon Federation qualified coach, and you can find all of her advice on training for endurance events over on the blog.

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