Orders now shipping within 2-4 working days!

For now at least, we have tamed the impact Covid 19 was having on our business. We did this by helping communities in their homes.

From Plymouth to John o' Groats. In three weeks our customers are  now everywhere...

Jan 2020 we launched our Seriously Low Carb Loaf, and with the support of Dacorum Business Services, quickly began to promote and network ourselves locally and nationally. 

Since  launching our Seriously Low Carb Loaf we've been:

- certified by Sugarwise and invited to the House of Lords to discuss the changes in the food industry.

- endorsed by Thrive Diabetes, an amazing clinic helping reverse Type 2 Diabetes.

- became a finalist at the Food Innovation & Entrepreneur Awards. scheduled at Excel in Sept 2020

But then, like many other business' we were hit by the Coronavirus pandemic and all our B2B revenue stopped overnight!

After some serious discussions, some blind panic and a lot of tea, we set about using the relationships we had with our millers and ingredient suppliers to repack products for people to enjoy at home.

We started with staples such as yeast and flours but have quickly expanded to include complete Bake at Home boxes packed full of recipes.

Within three weeks we are serving customers across the UK.

Last Saturday we were getting orders every 6 - 8 minutes online. 

Our B2B model is building again too. We now serve local retailers, TJs in Bennets End, One Stop in Highfield and local retailers in Markyate, Coventry and Birmingham.

A growing local team

To keep up with the growing order book we have expanded the team. We hired 8 new people in April, 6 processing, 1 in logistics and Tony our Stay Safe dedicated driver.  The national shut down has caused some serious job losses and closures of colleges so it's a relief that we can offer something back to a number of great people in our community.  Giving each other a bit of purpose really helps in these tough times. 

In uncertain times we all need more support

With our back orders growing and our premise at a maximum safe capacity we looked again to Dacorum Business Services for support and guidance. Thanks to our relationship with Lesley and her team we will be able to safely and affordably expand in this fragile economy.

Sharing the experience

Andy and Jo, the founders of Keeto Life, are now sharing their experience as free guides for the 45,000 industry readership community that subscribe to the Food & Takeaway Innovation Expo

Their latest two articles are here

Why your business needs a social conscience now more than ever.

What's the Low Down on Low Carbs

Who we are

Andy Welch

When I first started my Keto journey, I simply avoided the no-go foods such as bread, pasta and potatoes. But as the months wore on I got tired of eating salads twice a day. Worse still, my cravings for a sandwich kept growing.

Being 'one of those' Triathlete types my search for a solution turned into an obsession but all the answers I found were either not real food or they missed the mark on taste, nutrition or satisfaction. So my next option was to make my own.

I used the prototype 'home made' versions of these Keeto Life products to achieve what I set out to do. I completed the 5th toughest Ironman in 13.5 hours on an average of 8 hours training a week.

There was no way I could have kept going at such a consistent pace without Keto training.

There was no way I would have lasted 11 months (and counting) without living by the products that are now available at Keeto Life.

I continue to eat well. I continue to eat bread and pasta. I know I can now remain in Ketosis. I'm having my 'cake?' and eating it...

Founder Keeto Life

Jo Watkinson 

Type 2 Diabetes is in my family, and at the age of 32 I was told that I was pre-diabetic, which is pretty young. I had a very stressful job at the time and I lived off caffeine, sugar and carbs because it was the food that was quick and easy to grab. I knew I needed to make changes. 

This led me to a lower carb, higher protein way of eating, and triathlon. It helped my health and well being enormously, but I I found it a real struggle to reduce my carb intake. I knew what I needed to do, but I really missed bread, pasta, and all those other carb heavy foods that I'd been so used to eating all of the time. 

Now I use our Seriously Low Carb products to maintain some balance. I can still have toast for breakfast and a sandwich for lunch, but because it's the low carb loaf I don't have to worry about my blood sugar levels. 

My aim is to be able to replace all of those carb-based foods that I love, with a Seriously Low Carb option that tastes just as good so that there are genuinely delicious alternatives for all those Type 2 Diabetics like my mum, and all those people who are working to avoid Type 2 Diabetes themselves, like me.

And I'm working on it...

Founder Keeto Life